Artisinal Regulations (2022)

Artisinal and Small Scale Co-Op Fishers

1) This Permit entiles the holder to fish the Non- Saleable Line-fish list Annexure “RF” for own
food and use only.
2) In addition to his fish caught for own use from shore, the holder may catch & sell fish & other
organisms detailed below, beteen the hours of sunsrise and sunset on a daily basis, subject to the
“limits indicated as to size and number listed under “”AS””, “”BS”” and “”CS.””
3) If the Permit is extended to allow fishing from a boat with line or rod and reel, excluding in an Estuary,
the holder’s catch for sale shall be as only per list “AD” in place of the three above.
4) If licence is extended to include the catching of West Coast Crayfish by ringnet, the holder may land three
per day, which may be sold, but must comply strictly with the Rock Lobster section Regulations as attached.
5) Any boat shall be no longer than 4 metres and propelled either by Oars or an Outboard of a maximum of
15 Horsepower, and be limited to operating within one kilometer from the shore.

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