The Great White Shark Mystery

The Great White Shark Mystery

First question is, ‘are they a mystery?’ To me, a mystery is an event or experience, for which there is no logical explanation…

Controlled Exploitation of Inshore Resources

Controlled Exploitation of Inshore Resources

During last decade and a half, I have repeatedly written about the ever-increasing problems at Branch Fisheries, and their failure to reduce exploitation on Line

A Lifetime of Fishing – Excerpt

It is hard to understand how strict the factories were in those days. Their fish was their fish, for the reduction plant, and there was

Marine Resources: Some conclusions and my legacy

Marine Resources: Some conclusions and my legacy

We live in a confused and confusing world guided by a set of principles that, by their very nature generate conundrums, which are almost unanswerable.

The search for understanding. A lifetime of research on our marine resources.

I guess it all started in 1951, my first year at high school in Grahamstown, when my father, apparently giving in to the son’s love

Who should (be allowed to) catch what?

As many friends and associates know by now, I am very passionate about the Marine Environment and all that lives in it. However

SASSI and South Africa’s inshore fisheries resources

Some 70 years ago at the age of twelve, the writer, having already learnt its potential for great excitement, fun, and success satisfaction, first realised

Trawl By-Catch

BY-CATCH is to environmentalists almost as emotive a subject as seal culling. This applies to all types of fisheries, though perhaps the major emphasis has

A predator of the past! Mee?

As a line fisherman from the past (1952-1962), then occasionally, until I voluntarily gave up my commercial licence in 1992, I frequently got a little

SASSI, a worthwhile initiative?

Under the auspices of the WWF, the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative came into being last year. It mirrors similar overseas Initiatives of the same

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