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The Zane Grey Fishing Books Collection. R8000

Zane Grey, one of the greatest authors of “Cowboy” thrillers and tales of the 20th century, was also one of the best known American Big Game Anglers of his time, always in competition with Ernest Hemingway, his contemporary, but certainly his superior when it came to personal fishing adventures and achievements. This very old Zane Grey book collection, almost certainly the only one of its kind in Southern Africa, is quite unique and consists of the following titles:
Tales of Fishes
Tales of Southern Rivers
Tales of Fishing Virgin Seas
Tails of Swordfish and Tuna
Tales of the Anglers El Dorado, New Zealand
Tales of Tahitian Waters
An American Angler in Australia
Tales from a Fisherman’s Log of Adventures of a Deep-Sea Angler (By his brother and fishing partner) SHARK, the Killer of the Deep (Soft cover) Including, The Book of Camps and Trails.

Seven are First Editions, one a concurrent First Edition, and three undated but very old.

The Seafarers Collection R5000

A beautifully illustrated collection detailing the history of vessels and their crews from the years before Christ, up to the1970s.

The Lawrence G Green Collection R7000

A complete First edition set of this greatest and remarkable travel writer about South Africa. What makes it so special is that it was written in another era, four and five generations ago! The 34 books are in excellent condition all with dust covers!

The Harvard collection of all time Classics R3500

This consists of 13 beautifully bound books, but is not the whole collection.

The Fishing Industry Collection R5500

A collection of 20 Academic and Technical volumes, including the First Edition of Smiths’ Sea Fishes of Southern Africa.

The Recreational Fishing Collection R3500

A collection of 9 interesting books covering Species, Rod and Line, and Fly Fishing in fresh and salt waters.

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