Classifieds For Sale

Classifieds For Sale
  • A DRAUGHT OF FISHES by F D Ommanney
    Dr Ommanney was one of the first Modern day Marine scientists and his many experiences often read like an adventure story rather than a reference book. Condition good with some shelf-wear, age discolouration, and foxing. The jacket is in good condition, slightly soiled with some damage to the edges. This is an ex-library copy and probably a first edition. Publisher: Longmans. 1995.
    Price: R150 including delivery

  • BIG FISH AND BLUE WATER by Peter Goadby
    Of his time probably the best known Pacific Game Angler from Australia with many World Records to his name who followed on the heels of the great Zane Grey. A beautiful, vibrant, and educational book which could be the centrepiece of any fisherman’s library, with magnificent photos. Condition very good with some shelf-wear The jacket is a little damaged. Publisher: Angus and Robertson—2nd revised Edition. 1972.
    Price: R300 including delivery.

  • GAME FISH OF THE WORLD by Vesey-Fitzgerald and Lamonte
    This book is an impressive reference book covering ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘how’, very well illustrated with beautiful colour plates. Condition good with no jacket and outer hardcover faded with certain shelf-wear. Publishers: Ivor Nicholson and Watson. 1949.
    Price: R300 including delivery.

  • John Masters Trilogy about The First World War
    Hard Covers, Edition Not Known (Probably First)—Mint Condition, including Jackets. Published by Michael Joseph, 1979, 1980, 1981.
    Now God be Thanked – Copyright 1979.
    Heart of War – Copyright 1980.
    By the Green of the Spring – Copyright 1981.
    These are an Unbelievable read!!
    Price: R750 including delivery in South Africa

  • Zane Grey Collection
    “Zane Grey, one of the greatest authors of “Cowboy” thrillers and tales, was also one of the greatest American Big Game Anglers of his time, always in competition with Ernest Hemingway, his contemporary, but certainly his superior, when it came to personal fishing adventures.”This Zane Grey book collection consists of the following titles:
    Tales of Fishes
    Tales of Southern Rivers
    Tales of Fishing Virgin Seas
    Tails of Swordfish and Tuna
    Tales of the Anglers El Dorado, New Zealand
    Adventures of a Deep-Sea Angler
    Book of Camps and Trails
    Tales of Tahitian Waters
    An American Angler in Australia
    Tales from a Fisherman’s Log
    SHARK, the Killer of the Deep
    Seven are First Editions, one a concurrent First Edition, and three undated but very old.
    The price is R7500 including delivery in South Africa.

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