Synopsis – A Lifetime of Fishing

Synopsis – A Lifetime of Fishing

This self-published book sold only 300 copies mainly to friends and associates. The reason had probably something to do with no marketing other than through my website, yet it received only good or outstanding reviews totalling about half a dozen in number:
“It started out as just another book that I had to review, and I have no interest in fishing. I was to be unutterably surprised…..”
“Memoirs?” Yes! Well it turned out to be a rattling good adventure story about fishing and the sea I love. With it came much mirth and pathos, and, at times, it was very inspiring!”


The story of some of my fishing experiences from the age of six through to my retirement at age seventy. It includes my personal beliefs and principles, always emphasising my passion for the sea, all in it, and around it, and my underlying wish that it be protected from mankind’s excesses and irresponsibility towards it.

1. The Die Is Cast
My first trip on a fishing boat almost as a stowaway at the age of six.
2. In the Beginning
About my beliefs and principles and my personal Utopia on this planet!
3. The Early Days
Some fishing experiences from my prep school days, and my first fishing at the Breede River.
4. Growing Up
High School, three mentors, one on life and two on fishing, and MFV Lady Eileen.
5. Fishing After My Schooldays
Another mentor, a lifelong friend, and fishing False Bay as a semi-commercial.
6. Memories of the Breede
Breede river fishing stories including one of the most humbling and best experiences of my life.
7. I’m Getting Married in the Morning
Fishing for the future, and the humility lesson that all deserve a place in the sun on this planet!
8. A Full Time Commercial At Last
I sell the family business and go full time commercial fishing. Then a miracle teaches me how blessed I am.
9. The Crayfish Bonanza.
An extraordinary experience catching crayfish hardly in the traditional way.
10. Into the Top Class
An explanation of Purse seine fishing.
Seeking the Source: A scientific trip to investigate South West Africa’s wonderful Pilchard resource.
Nearly Caught by the Fish: Too much fish leads to a narrowly averted accident.
Always Expect the Unexpected (1): Details of a catch.
The Unexpected Again (2): This time a record catch as a result of an accident to a careless skipper.
First Aid but for Whom: A not inconsiderable farce that developed as a result of my accident.
Me? A Poacher? Never!: A change in the rules introduces patrol ships into our lives.
First Aid Again: My first aid to the fore following an accident on another boat.
Escape from the Coast of Skeletons: SOMEBODY was looking after us, when we ran aground.
First Aid for a Ship: Helping another boat with a breakdown requiring some “parking” skill.
Record or Stupidity: Circumstances enable us to land another record catch.
Caught Out: We get caught fishing inside territorial waters.
The Russians: Our encounter with the Russian fishing fleet fishing off the SWA coastline with us.
12. Other Walvis Bay Experiences
Gentlemen Fishermen? Not Exactly!: A reminiscence of seals, temper, and bad manners!
Recreation on The Skeleton Coast: Beach angling and “Beach?” golf.
Sea Diamond Mining: An introduction to sea mining, their source, and a few comments on global warming.
The Instigator: Sam Collins: The first diamonds pumped out of the sea were mined by a Texan.
The Administrator: De Beers: The diamond mining giant and their subsequent relationship with my company.
Dawn Diamonds: Some of my experiences whilst first consulting to, and then managing, Dawn Diamonds.
Dawn’s First Jackpot at Doringbaai: Dawn’s first big find of diamonds including a detailed explanation of the sea diamond mining methods.
Dawn’s first Jackpot at Port Nolloth: The mainly accidental discovery of the sea diamonds riches off Kleinzee.
The Golden Goose- Area 5A: The rise and fall of Dawn Diamonds.
Togem: The story of my involvement with Christo Wiese in sea diamond mining.
The Australians: An effort to con me which, luckily, never had a chance of succeeding.
The Nearly Swiss: Two Swiss nationals replace our Australian partners to our great advantage, but trouble lurks.
Miracles do happen more than once: I need another miracle to save my bacon once again: but get two.
JSE Listing and then Adieu: Marine West is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as Mervest, but, the story of my life, I depart.

14. Competitive Recreational Angling
Despite everything else I still need to satisfy my need for the sport of angling. These are some of the stories.
My acquisition finally of a commercial fishing entity again, and its listing.
Our Liberian Adventure: A consultancy appointment leads to far more than we had bargained for.
Too Big for My Boots: Outclassed on an uneven field I should not have been on, leading to my departure again.
With a long time business associate and friend we start a new fishing company and its story.
Tanzania; A good friend becomes an unexpected partner.
Trawling off Dar es Salaam: I land the biggest “fish” of all!
17. The End of my Commercial Fishing Days
Once again the fates decree that I should lose that “fish,” as well as another good friend!

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